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Advanced Strategic & Tactical Intelligence

With decades of intelligence experience and an extensive global reach, INKAS® provides the full range of Cyber intelligence solutions, starting from OSINT, Cellular/WiFi interception and other advanced methods of intelligence gathering. Our vast portfolio of intelligence solutions delivers a crucial advantage to the achievement of your mission.

WiFi Interception

WiFi Interception is one the most critical focal points for deploying advanced collection tools. As such, the WiFi interception tool is a passive version enabling the detection and location of legally targeted WiFi devices. The Active version adds multiple interception vectors for multiple device types. The system comes with a variety of deployable options such as vehicle based, backpack and even drone based.

Tactical Interception Devices

Our diverse tactical intelligence solutions mitigate potential exposure while intercepting information — providing your team with operational flexibility to gather and use intelligence in tactical scenarios in the field. Leverage real-time target intelligence to give your field operations the critical advantage required.

Signal Jamming Devices

From convoy and VIP protection, to special military unit tactical communications, to disposal of possible threats such as IEDs, bombs, GPS guided weaponry, and more— we deliver advanced signal jamming devices to suit your organization’s needs. INKAS® jammers enable open communication for security details and VIPs, and can create dead zones by jamming any radio signals, voice calls and intercepting data use.


A unique solution which provides real-time accurate location data, on a global scale. The solution is agnostic to every phone or operating system.

Interception Systems

Our advanced active and passive interception systems enable your organization to legally monitor and control all communication traffic transmitted through a wide variety of networks and signals, while protecting exposure of your surveillance operations. Your team can obtain the identity of each device and take full control of all traffic and communication passing through.

Secure Communications Platform

INKAS® minimizes your risk of data breaches and malicious attacks by providing a private cloud platform for all of your organization’s communications needs – enabling your personnel to communicate freely about project-specific or mission-specific details without the risk of their communications being compromised.

IMSI Catchers

International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) Catchers are a highly effective and affordable solutions to help to identify cellular activity and automatically block or intercept the signal to prevent or uncover communication. IMSI Catchers allow operators to monitor and control cellular communications within pre-defined areas, either inside a facility or in the field.

Open Source Intelligence

Imagine seeing a multidimensional view of individuals, on a human pixel-by-human pixel analysis of your targets. This is based on their networks, behaviors and preferences – all accessed from publicly available data. Easily uncover primary relationships including close advisors, relatives, friends, business partners, influencers, intermediaries and communication pathways.

Observation and Surveillance Systems

Designed for mission-critical operations in the field, INKAS® observation and surveillance systems permit your organization to remain apprised of movement within an area of interest. Field-tested and proven for reliability, these powerful systems provide a cost-effective monitoring solution for border protection, HLS, coastal surveillance, critical assets surveillance, and perimeter security.