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From perimeter protection to safe city solutions – INKAS® provides the expertise and solutions to help design end-to-end solutions that protect everything from citizens, to facilities, to secured areas, and even entire cities.

Physical security Info Management System

Get greater control of security within your facility and secured areas by integrating numerous devices and systems into one Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system. By leveraging various solutions such as video surveillance, motion-activated devices, object detection and classification systems, aerial and ground sensors, and more – INKAS® gives you a full, multi-site overview of your security landscape, all in one control interface.

Safe City Solutions

Integrating key systems such as command and control centers, video analytics, facial recognition, watchlists, big data, predictive analytics, and more, Safe City Solutions aid in mitigating risks by identifying potential threats faster. This solution is ideal for Emergency Call Centres, Unified Emergency Dispatch Services for any operator, and automatization of emergency services.

Perimeter Protection

INKAS® provides advanced perimeter protection solutions as part of an integrated security system to secure your facility and surroundings. The system is designed to continuously learn and adjust to changing weather and terrain conditions. Renowned worldwide for our service, training and technical support, we ensure that dealers and installers have everything they require.

Security Training

From assessing situations, to strategically planning covert countermeasures, INKAS® trains your team to be one step ahead at all times and to remain in control of the mission while ensuring the safety of each and every team member. We fully train both internal and external teams to comply with public safety and international standards.


Predicting and managing events are critical to the security of organizations and the general public. INKAS® provides various mass intelligence solutions that collect and correlate data to ensure that key personnel have the real-time information they need in order to make informed decisions and to reduce risks.

Public Transit Security

Our solutions accommodate various public transit system structures in order to provide 360-degree analysis and protection to its passengers. We work with organizations to tailor a system to their exact needs and requirements as well as assist with strategic solutions to help mitigate potential threats.