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Backed by years of experience in aviation, maritime, military, intelligence and law enforcement, we mitigate potential risks that can occur in the heat of the moment. We provide cutting-edge UAS solutions and aviation risk management tools, as well as providing a wide spectrum of aerospace protection, analysis, training and support.



Aviation & Port Security consulting

We specialize in the design and auditing of aviation and port security systems, including process and procedure development, which we offer as both training and enforcement management programs. We provide integrated security solutions, project delivery and compliance assistance. Our executives have extensive experience in the industry, having worked in over 60 countries worldwide.



Passenger & Cargo Screening

INKAS® advanced systems and processes ensure everything is thoroughly screened prior to being loaded onto the aircraft. We help you to develop Standard Operating Procedures for screening and to train your security team to proactively monitor for potential threats, teach them how to respond to incidents, and ensure that they are properly trained on the screening equipment and systems.



Public-Private Partnership

Actively helping countries who often face pressure to modernize their airport and seaport security, however may not have the financial means to do so. INKAS® specializes in operating complex airport and seaport, passenger and cargo security screening missions, within the framework of a Public-Private Partnership, with capital outlay and investment into the host country’s infrastructure.



Anti Drone (C-UAS) Solutions

INKAS® anti-drone solutions help you protect the privacy of your operations and clear the airspace above your in-field mission and protected areas. Our automatic drone detection solutions ensure that you are fully aware of all objects in your airspace above and around key areas, and enables you to take active countermeasures once the sensors detect movement. INKAS® systems provide an effective method for tracking and intercepting drones.



Custom Integration

As part of our UAS offering, INKAS® had created unique reconnaissance vehicles with built-in and integrated UAS systems, allowing for unlimited flying time, and a variety of unique mission parameters.

Because of the high mobility of our drone solutions, we’re also able to install them in a wide variety of existing, unmodified vehicles, ranging from pick up trucks, to Unmanned Ground Vehicles, boats, ships, robotic platforms, and more.

With considerable hands-on expertise, we are experienced in integrating a variety of additional systems both in vehicle and platform based, providing access to multiple data sources on the same screen (i.e. integrating an intelligence gathering platform with UAVs, external sensors, and a wide variety of available data).

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Advanced UAV Systems that provide real-time, day and night video streaming via a Ground Control Station. Complete autonomous operation with long endurance and low weight make for a cost-efficient solution. For fixed wing VTOL we offer special frame configurations ideal for quick deployment & turnaround time, as well as for covert surveillance and high payload stability.

We offer a variety of drone in a box solutions, with highly portable, mission critical solutions, able to carry a wide variety of payloads, creating different configurations, applicable across a variety of verticals.. We also offer backpack based drones, with replaceable batteries, offering intelligence at squad level.



Advanced Passenger Information Systems

Diligently working to help countries meet ICAO’s APIS mandate, INKAS® offers a highly customizable APIS system, which is not only capable of providing all required services (watchlists, transmission, etc), but is also a module in a highly sophisticated border control system employing advanced AI and face recognition technologies, in order to offer a seamless biometric corridor for border control, as well as aircraft boarding. We can take care of the entire process, beginning pre-travel, with advanced travel authorizations, in country border control, and post departure verification.




Established in 2006, our valued added partner Redline Assured Security provides government-standard security solutions and training for aviation-related companies, event security, corporate organizations and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) properties. We also conduct auditing and health monitoring in support of both public and private sector organizations. Redline’s mission is to enhance the delivery of assured security in regulated, high value and high threat environments. Redline’s vision is to be the international benchmark for consultancy, training solutions, quality assurance and associated security management systems within the regulatory, high value and high threat sectors.

In 2011, Redline was accepted as an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Aviation Security Training Centre (ASTC). This acknowledgment of Redline’s professionalism by an executive branch of the UN marked a significant milestone for the business. This recognition from the highest possible level within aviation security serves to reinforce our high standards of training delivery in a world-class training environment.